7 best places to visit in Mumbai

Mumbai, the financial capital of India is mostly known for its nightlife and exciting living. However, there is more to Mumbai than these superficial facts. Mumbai is a hub of Indian ethnic behavior and several historical landmarks. You can make your pick from any of the natural destinations or historical landmarks in Delhi according to your preference. You will never be out of places to visit in Mumbai if you go through the list of tourist attractions in the City. Let’s check out some of these destinations: 

Gateway of India

The Gateway of India was initially constructed in order to welcome foreign embassies, King George V and Queen Mary. The Gateway of India is a lovely Roman architecture that was built under the supervision of the greatest architects of its time. Like most of the places in Mumbai, the Gateway of India is quite safe to visit even during the night hours. It will be on your list of places to visit “near me” in Mumbai. 

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Saint Thomas cathedral

The Saint Thomas cathedral is among the oldest churches in Mumbai. This Church was built in the neo-Gothic style of architecture which has attracted tourists all over the world. The architectural style follows the building of very tall pillars. There is a special historical significance of the Saint Thomas cathedral. There are epitaphs of several soldiers who have laid their life for the country during wars. The stained glass windows are also one of their kind. 

The Prince of Wales museum

The Prince of Wales museum is filled by using alternative Indian and British architectural styles. It is also known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya. This museum is heaven for any historian because of the artifacts which are stored. It is a great experience to visit this museum in order to know about the rich and glorious past of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. 

Hanging Gardens in Malabar

The hanging gardens in Mumbai are also known as Pherozeshah Mehta Gardens of Malabar are one of the most beautiful gardens all across the country. The serene greenery of the entire area and the mild solitude of nature turns out to be one of the most romantic places all over the country. The sidewalks are very safe for walking and you can enjoy a great day with your family in the walkways surrounded by greenery. 

Taj Hotel

Unlike all the places which have had been mentioned in the list, the Taj Hotel cannot be deemed as a historical monument. However, the terrorist attack on the Taj hotel on 26 November 2008 had brought it up as one of the major attractions for people all across the world. It is not that the place is well known for the horrible and the misery-coated incidents. The Taj Hotel of Mumbai still stands as one of the establishments which had to prove that hospitality is above terrorism and violence. It is among the places to visit near me in Mumbai

Marina Drive

The Marina drive is one of the prime attractions of Mumbai. Two of the best times to visit Marina Drive are during the early morning hours and in the evening hours. The morning hours at Marina Drive can get you bursts of fresh morning air from the sea. The briny smell and the soft ocean wind are sure to get your day started energetically. The evening hours are way more glamorous. There are many stories on the sea beach which makes it a star-studded area in the dusk. The thread of light along the beach is a great treat to the eyes of anyone who is new to Mumbai. 

Mahalaxmi Temple 

Like any other cosmopolitan city in Mumbai, you must know that it is one of those places that has different shrines for deities of different religions. The Mahalaxmi Temple is one of the shrines which pays homage to the Hindu goddess Mahalakshmi. People come here from various parts of the country in order to get a view of the deity and pray for prosperity and wealth. It is one of the most well-known temples in India. 

Thus, these are some of the places which you must visit when you are in Mumbai. You can also check out the local cuisine of Mumbai. The Vada Pao is quite famous and you must take a bite of this whenever you are on any of the beaches of Mumbai. This will be a definite choice for things to do near me in Mumbai

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