7 Best Places to Visit in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, the west Asian Arab land, is favored by a lot of tourists throughout the year. If you want to be amidst beautiful architecture for a few days, Saudi Arabia is the best choice. You will definitely learn a lot about Islamic culture and have a chance to go on an exotic safari. The temperature in these places could be a bit high, so slot the plan for the year-end. Places to visit in Mecca, Saudi Arabia require a robust budget but is definitely not at the extreme high end of the spending spectrum. 

Masjid al-Haram

Not surprisingly at the top of our places to visit in Mecca, Saudi Arabia list is the cynosure of the Hajj pilgrimage. Masjid al-Haram is the largest mosque in the world, and the grandiloquent structure can accommodate a million worshippers! Whatever faith you follow, you cannot miss this staggering piece of beauty. It is said that Muslims learn their Arabic by listening to and breathing the words to the Qur’an. You can see a good demonstration of it with worshippers sprawling over the 3.5 million sq. meters of space. 

Masjid al-Haram is the largest mosque in the world, and the grandiloquent structure can accommodate a million worshippers

Jannat al-Mu’allah

If you take a walk towards the north of the Masjid al-Haram, you will reach Jannat al-Mu’allah within a few minutes. Much famed as the resting place of the Prophet’s parents and his wife, the place was damaged by the 1925 carnage. You can take in the solemnity of belief if you notice the position of these graves marked with white rocks. The site does not have an entry fee, and you should not give it a miss while you are at the Great Mosque.

Graves marked with rocks


Jeddah provides a welcome relief from the grimness of history with its commercial centres. You can visit the elegant malls that have numerous marvels on offer. Also, if you are looking to pick up memorabilia for friends and family, this is the perfect place to buy them. If you can spare a bit more time, hit the beach! Jeddah is particularly close to the Red Sea and boasts of spectacular, sunny beaches.


Taif could be your best tourist attractions near me if the hot Middle-East sun is too much for your nerves. This beautiful city is located 100 km east of Mecca. However, be cautious of the temperature drop because you are jumping over 1500 metres from Mecca. Soothe your eyes with the pleasant green of the orchards and your mouth with the sweetness of dates and honey.

Cross Highway in the middle of mountian


If you are familiar with the story of Muhammad’s journey to Medina, you are probably thrilled by the mention of the place. These tourist attractions near me have been modernized, keeping with the demands of time. However, if you can mingle with the locals, you will not be too far away from interesting anecdotes about the city. It could be a thrill getting to learn, first-hand, of Muhammad’s itinerary, and the events that took place during Islam’s inception. The weather would be around 21°C, which is more than perfect for a good, leisurely stroll.

Tall dome pillars or creamy white and black with real golds on them


Riyadh is towards the end of our places to visit in Mecca, Saudi Arabia list because most entertainment is banned here. It is an Arabic equivalent of the American Wall Street. However, the weather could be quite pleasant at the end of the year due to the elevation (600 metres ASL). Due to good groundwater levels, Riyadh is quite fertile.

Beautiful shot of Riyadh city nigh lights


Dammam, or “whirlpool”, entices the visitors with its myriad cuisines, shopping malls and quirky shows. If you can head to the Dolphin Village, you can witness lively shows by friendly dolphins.  

Beautiful Sunrise view at Dammam Al Khobar Corniche Saudi Arabia.

These were our picks for best vacation spots Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Happy journey!

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