7 best places to visit in Los Angeles

Any idea what Los Angeles actually means? Yes, you have got it correct, it stands for the City of Golden Angels. From beautiful beaches to large shopping malls, Los Angeles is the best place for a glamourous vacation. However, if you are among the movie buffs, you will find the large Hollywood sign on the valleys to be the most attractive feature of Los Angeles. And yes, you will have your entire holiday pitched up in different locations that have shot your movies and have a basic La La Land experience. So, let us not wait for any further and check out the places to visit in Los Angeles to have a perfect vacation:

Venice Beach

This beach of Los Angeles has stood up to its name and offers you a huge gala of choices of things to do on a beach. The entire area is crowded with street performers and the warm sandy beach will let you enjoy every move. There are many good stalls at the beach and you can try out some of the American street classics for your day out at the beach. 

Universal studios

Universal Studios is not just a place where you can observe the themes and the working set of films like Harry Potter and the Walking Dead. Although that would have been cool with us, the place offers us a great ride along with the studio which has adventurous rides based on the themes we have chosen. Yeah, you can really have a splash of Gryffindor fire on your face when you are on the rides of Universal Studios. 

The Getty Centre

A huge museum at the center of a large compound is not what you had expected in your tourist attraction near me list when you are in Los Angeles, but here we are. One of the best places to observe European art and the structural aspects related to it, Getty Centre is adored by art connoisseurs all over the world. It is one of the most sophisticated tourist locations in Los Angeles which you must visit if you get a chance. 

Santa Monica beach

This is the place that will always be filled up with locals and tourists alike. The Santa Monica beach is one of the best vacation spots, Los Angeles. It can make the entire vacation worthwhile for your children through a single ride on the Ferris Wheel. If that giant wheel is not your thing, you can sunbathe on the beach or look into the quirky little shops which are set up around you. We are sure that you will find something which matches your taste and will act as a souvenir for this trip to Los Angeles. 

Museum of Jurassic Park Technology

No, the museum is not about the dinosaurs. It is about the really cool technology that had been used to shoot Spielberg’s famous Jurassic Park and several other movies like Noah’s ark. You must pay a visit to this museum even if you are not interested in technology and movies. The entire span of the Museum and the sheerly amazing technology you can observe here will awe you. It is one of the best places to visit in Los Angeles and you must make a point to stay at least an hour in the Museum of Jurassic Park Technology. 

Griffith observatory

If you really want to see the night sky with the stars and the planets on a Zeiss Telescope, the Griffith observatory is your place. The telescope that has been placed in this observatory can help you to observe the beautiful night sky even on a cloudy day. You can enjoy a serene walk in the park after you have watched the stars and it will be the best part of your vacation in Los Angeles. 

Hollywood walk of fame

This is one of the places which are frequented by the tourists who are fanatic about walking on the same paths which have been walked on by their favorite movie star. There are places with the footprints of the stars as well.

Thus, these are some of the places to visit in Los Angeles when you are having a great vacation out there. Make a proper plan which will allow you to visit all of these places with your family. Do not forget to have meals at the Michelin star restaurants which line up on the streets of Los Angeles

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