7 best places to visit in Germany

Among the best vacation spots in, Germany it is almost impossible to choose one of them because of its vast historical significance. Germany is situated in the heart of Europe. Germany has a renowned history which makes this place more popular. Though World War II affected this country terribly long before, it survived the losses and at present, the rate of economic growth in Germany is highest among the other countries in Europe. Nearly 3 decades ago, the Berlin Wall disintegrated, which once divided the country into two separate East and West segments, creating a recent history for the country. People visit Germany mostly to envisage the history of beautiful places and heritage. There are several magnificent places to visit in Germany which should be checked out by travelers. Many skyscrapers of Germany are located in Frankfurt which makes this city quite popular. In this article, some popular places which you must visit if you are in Germany have been discussed.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a well-known town in Bavaria which is popular for the gothic medieval architecture and cobbled footwalks which are extremely attractive. In Rothenburg, the items for making decorations at Christmas are available in the market all over the year and in the month of December, the market of Rothenburg provides a marvelous collection of decorative items for Christmas. This specialty makes this city a well-known place in Germany.  


In Germany, the second-largest city is considered to be Hamburg. On the Elbe River’s banks, this city is situated. It is among the interesting places to visit in Germany. Elbphilarmonie concert hall, Neo-Renaissance Rathaus, the postmodern warehouses have made Hamburg one of the exciting and attractive places to visit in Germany. This city consists of the largest number of bridges in the world which deems it a unique place. The magnificence, culture, and ancient stories of Hamburg are the reasons for attraction to the tourists.


The capital of Germany is Berlin and it is also among the federal states. This city is well known for its history which is related to the 2nd World War and the fall of the Berlin Wall. During the times of the Cold War, Germany was divided into two parts by the Berlin Wall. In 1989, the Berlin Wall disintegrated. The rich heritage, history, magnificence of Berlin have this place famous all over the world. The Holocaust Memorial, Brandenburg Gate, and the Reichstag Memorial are some famous historical resources situated in Berlin.


In the Bavarian state, the city of Regensburg is situated. In Bavaria, Regensburg is among the most renowned places to visit in Germany. The meeting point of three rivers namely Regen, Danube, and Naab marks the location of Regensburg. The medieval town of Regensburg attracts people the most. In 179 AD, the Romans established this city so it possesses a rich history.


While being romantic in Germany, you have to stop at Fussen, a town in Bavaria. It is among the most adored places in Germany. It is located a few kilometers away from the Austrian border. This town must be visited for its scenic beauty. There are three castles that are located close to this city which has literally stepped out of fairytales. Generally, these castles grab the attention of travelers. When people visit Germany to spend their vacations, they are recommended to witness the elegance of Fussen.


Being in Germany, if travelers search for “tourist attractions near me” in any search engine then the city of Munich would definitely be recommended to them. This capital city in Bavaria is a very popular city in Germany and a place of tourist attraction. The most affluent city in Germany is Munich. Munich is known mostly for Oktoberfest, its global organizations such as BMW, research institutes, science museums like the Deutsches Museum, opera houses and theatres such as the National Theatre, royal palaces, old churches, medieval walls, market, art galleries, and many more. This city must be explored when one is in Germany.


The town of Heidelberg in Germany is popular for its historical resources like the Heidelberg Castle, the Knight St. George House, the medieval Old Bridge, the Church of the Holy Spirit, etc. There are many markets, restaurants, cafes, pubs present in the main street of Heidelberg namely Haupstrasse. All these attract travelers.

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