7 best places to visit in France

France calls their affectionate dear place as L’Hexagone because of the curious shape of the country and the distinctive six-shaped figure. France is one of the lands which finds its specialty in poised people with revolutionary hearts which are complemented by the rugged beauty of nature and the sun-drenched provinces all over the country. The picturesque beauty of France has been a treat to the eyes of tourists all over the world and there are certain particular places that you must not miss if you are traveling there. The glamorous beauty of Paris which is accompanied by the snow-capped Alps has been among the places that you must make a point to visit when you are in France. From the quaint village sides and the cultured cities which have sheltered the greatest artists of all time, you must visit the following places in France to widen your traveler’s views.

Paris and Versailles

Paris is the grand capital of France with the joys of every culture in the nook and corner of the city. Paris has been home to many artists seeking life and art in their lives, for writers to clear out their blocks from writing and for travelers to enjoy the spice of life. The medieval quarters that have been apparent in the city of Paris make sure that the quaint city never sleeps. The Eiffel Tower is one of the most romantic places in which you must pay a visit to complete your tour of France. As for Versailles, it has the historical significance of being the place where the Treaty of Versailles had been signed. It is definitely on the list of places to visit in France.

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Provence is a different area from the beauty of the crowded Paris and offers you a full view of the Mediterranean Sun. You can make sure that you get a lot of the sun when you are visiting the Provence which will get you the Tan of France when you travel back home. It is among the best vacation spots in France.

French Riviera

The Cote d’Azur of the French Riviera has a coastline that is known for the deep azure water. The waters and the sky have a special mesmerizing quality which has helped to enhance the beauty of southern France. The place has museums to visit and proper picnic spots which can help one to have a beautiful vacation. The beauty of the cobblestoned paths with exquisite restaurants which can help to set up gourmet meals for you and your family will make sure that your vacation has been worthwhile. It is definitely among the most beautiful places to visit in France.


The beautiful and gothic Cathedral which had been constructed in Reims has been decided as one of the UNESCO heritage sites. It has magnificent carvings of gothic architecture. The cathedral is considered to be one of the best architectural beauties of France with its huge pillar and spacious interiors.

Villages of Fishing

The port of Brittany has several villages that have entire communities that are living on fishing occupations. These villages are a delight to visit and you can observe the beauty of the French community living when you are visiting the beaches in Brittany. The scenery from these beaches is quite dramatic and untouched by any kind of man-made resources. The untouched beauty of nature has made it grand over time. It is among the best vacation spots in France.


The elegance which has been obtained as a fusion of the Parisian culture and the natural beauty of the place, Biarritz becomes one of the places that you must visit when you are having a tour of France. The seaside resorts will act as a fresh breath of air on your hectic schedule.

Joan of Arc monuments

One of the oldest revolutionaries of France, Joan of Arc has been reconstructed in the forms of statues all over the mainland of France. You must make a point to visit at least one of these monuments to expand your knowledge about the bravery of this young peasant girl who had found the courage to fight against the huge forces of the world. Find the monuments searching by typing the best tourist attractions near me on your search bar.

These are the seven places that you must make a point of visiting if you are having a trip to France.

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