7 Best Places to Visit in Bali

Bali is the classic oriental retreat that everyone with a hectic life looks forward to. From beautiful cliffs to quaint beaches—the place is an absolutely delightful holiday destination. Bali does not disappoint the variety of visitors it receives every year. For the cosmopolitan guest, there are resort towns like Sanur or Seminyak. Here, the relaxing spas could scrape out the tiredness not only out of the body but of the mind. Culture enthusiasts can visit the ancient temples at Ulu Watu, the best vacation spots Bali. As we said, there’s something for everyone. Let us now look at the top six places to visit in Bali that you should not miss.

Ulu Watu 

The name of the place means the rocky end of the land, indicating a cliff. That is a perfect description of Ulu Watu. We were talking of the temple at Ulu Watu, but the water sports options here are getting increasingly popular. Located in south-western Bali, the place offers a magnificent view of the Indian Ocean. Surfing is the go-to activity here, and swimming is best left out because of the unruly waves. 

The Pura Luru Temple

While you are at Ulu Watu, the Pura Luru Temple is a must-visit tourist attraction near me. If you can mix with the locals, you will definitely enjoy the folklore around the temple. Even if you do not have a religious bent, do not give this temple a miss for the sake of its beautiful architecture.

Goa Gajah

The name of this place means “elephant caves”. Indeed, the Goa Gajah presents you with a treat of the important symbolic elements of Shaivite and Buddhist origins. The place served as a meditation centre in the times of the Balinese empire. It could also have a religious significance as an agent keeping away evil. 

Mount Batur

Mount Batur, combined with the Batur Lake, is one of the best tourist attractions near me in Bali. The fact that it has an active volcano only adds to the thrill of adventure. Further, the lake Batur, ensconced within the deposited lava from volcanic eruptions, is a sight to behold. At more than 5000 feet, the mountains offer a bird’s eye view of Bali. Mount Batur has consistently maintained its reputation as a popular trekking destination in the country.


This place might be a bit unconventional in comparison with the other places to visit in Bali, but it is surely worth a visit. The weather conditions, with a soothing temperature of 21°C, could not have been more perfect. Tegallalang is the north of Ubud in Bali, and it offers a vast expanse of green that are the rice and paddy fields. You can have a view of traditional Balinese farming, and actually learn a lot about traditional Balinese culture. If you are with a partner, you could sit at a cafe, sip coffee, and enjoy the experience together.

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

This place costs very less, yet it can offer a humbling experience amid Mother Nature. Apart from the Balinese long-tailed monkeys, more than 180 varieties of plants sprawl over 12.5 hectares of land. There are also small temples in and around, which is proof of the vicinity to nature that humanity once enjoyed.

Sekumpul Waterfalls

To end your journey on a high note, the Sekumpul Waterfalls will be a great choice. These are a cluster of waterfalls located in northern Bali. The soft murmur of the moving waters among the verdurous surroundings is sure to win your heart. 

These were our suggested places to visit in Bali. Interact with the locals to eke out every iota of what Bali has to offer. Happy journey!

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