7 best places to visit in Agra

Agra, one of the ancient and aristocratic cities of India which is dotted with beautiful imagery and several historical incidents. Places to visit in Agra can never run out in quantity or quality as long as the great Taj Mahal stands erect. However, there are other places which you can visit in Agra. Let us check out these places which will be our prime locations when we will plan a vacation in Agra. 

Taj Mahal

It took the labor of several workers and years in order to build a mausoleum like the Taj Mahal. Monument which portrays the love of Shahjahan for his Begum Mumtaz Mahal, Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. One of the best reasons to visit the Taj Mahal is to observe the intricate artwork and architecture of the Mughal Era. It is said that the Taj Mahal is most beautiful during two times of the day. It is at sunrise when you can observe the golden glow of the sun on the white marble. It is a treat to the eyes. Similarly, full moon days are appropriate for a visit to the Taj Mahal to enjoy a romantic night. 

Image by Dave Parkinson from Pixabay

Agra Fort

The Agra Fort was the last home of Shah Jahan when he was held captive by his son Aurangzeb. The Sheesh Mahal is also a part of the Agra fort which presents a magnificent view of light rays crisscrossing with the mirror images. The Agra Fort was the primary residence of the Mughal royals and it is best to visit the Agra Fort at the break of dawn. The breathtaking glass mosaic work on the walls and the roof will make you wonder at the artistic detailing done by the artisans. 

Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri is a small town which was built by Emperor Akbar on the outskirts of Delhi. There are several palaces in this city and artistic courtyards for the queens. It is said that Fatehpur Sikri is the place where Tansen, one of the nine jewels of Akbar’s court, used to rehearse his musical pieces. There are mosques, houses, and smaller mausoleums that showcase the beauty of Mughal art. It is definitely among the “places to visit near me in Agra” list. 

Image by Makalu from Pixabay

Bear rescue facility

Agra bears rescue facility is one of the lesser-known tourist attractions. The sloth bears from different parts of the country are rescued and protected in this sanctuary. It has become a safe place for many sloth bears. The bear rescue facility of Agra is a zoologist’s heaven. 

Mehtab Bagh

One of the most beautiful gardens in Agra, Mehtab Bagh offers you a wonderful view of the river Yamuna on its banks. Taj Mahal is visible at a distance when you are strolling in the Mehtab Bagh. Like any other garden, the best view is available in the early morning hours when the area is free from crowds and you get panoramic views. Make sure that it is in your “places to visit near me in Agra” checklist.

Sheroes hangout cafe

Located on the sides of Fatehabad road, Sheroes hangout cafe is a facility that is run entirely by acid attack victims. It is entirely up to you, whether you wish to spend the day strolling in a library with a book in your hand or enjoy a date with a coffee. Sheroes hangout cafe is one of the more contemporary locations which you must visit in order to support the acid attack victims. 

Anguri Bagh

Yet another garden, Anguri Bagh exemplifies the beauty of the Mughal courtyards in every sense. If you are thinking of things to do near me in Agra, you can take a stroll out of Anguri Bagh and move into the local markets which provide a number of indigenous souvenirs. These markets are thronged by couples from all over the world because of their romantic and aristocratic pieces of souvenirs. 

Thus, these are some of the places you must visit when you are taking up a trip to Agra. Agra is the epitome of Mughal artistry and shall continue to be a heritage site for several ancient architectures. The markets are abundant with several indigenous goods made by local artisans. A visit to Agra can turn out to be a wholesome vacation for you and your family which is nurtured with historical knowledge as well. 

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