7 Beautiful Islands in Greece You Must Visit in 2021

Greek islands are some of the finest in the world. For a short trip, it is difficult to count how many islands in Greece and pick a few of the choicest places. Nevertheless, it is quite certain that you are going to love every moment of your stay wherever you want to travel. The Greek isles (235 accessible islands) are mottled by houses and villas painted in vibrant colors. Let us look at some of the islands that you cannot afford to miss.


Santorini Island Greece offers millions of tourists and enthusiasts all through the year. However, if you want to save money, you should avoid the summer months when it is the busiest. The hotel prices easily climb upwards of 200 dollars, so a June-August plan is not recommended. Santorini is known for the blue and white churches and the romantic sunset overlooking the cliffs. You could stay in Fira, take a bus to Oia, watch the sunset with your partner and be back in town just in time for the nightlife. In short, avoid everything from hotels to cabs and save money for another short tour of Santorini Island Greece!

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The Mykonos Island is best known for its bling and charm, attributed to its high-end restaurants and pricey malls. However, if you are ready to explore, the place is a hub for authenticity. Some restaurants serve food that is made from straight-from-the-farm raw materials. You will also get opportunities to join cooking classes to learn Greek delicacies that you can emulate back home!

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Being a volcanic island, Milos is the perfect island to understand how lava shapes the landscape. The view of the landscape is so dreamlike, especially at Firiplaka or Plaka, that you would have no dearth of content for your Instagram posts. Be quick on your heels and see how many islands in Greece you can visit!

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After a taste of the cosmopolitan, it’s time to have a taste of the rustic at the Pebble Beach Crete island Greece. Old fashioned medieval houses beckon you into a state of bliss. Lulled by the sea, ruins from the Minoan Civilization are all yours to explore. It is also an excellent opportunity to taste locally made wines and stay at plush hotels that bring you the best of Greek hospitality.

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Amorgos is probably the most visually captivating islands in Greece. It is located toward the east of the Cyclades, and its silence is punctuated by the lapping of the turquoise sea water. You could take tours to the secluded coves in your own time. There is no need to hurry—just stay in line with the carefree spirit of Amorgos.

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Paros & Antiparos

These islands have carved a niche for themselves as wellness destinations. Paros & Antiparos is also favoured by surfing and other water-sport enthusiasts for the perfect wind and waves. You could take trips to Iraklia or Koufonisi, the islands in the Small Cyclades to make the most of your stay at Paros & Antiparos.

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Corfu could be a perfect wrap up to your tour, with its mythology and history fascinating you enough to claim a revisit. The sense of timelessness offered by the fishing villages and the gushing waterfalls is impossible to resist. You could also buy your memorabilia from the boutiques on this northwest Greek island. The eateries are known to concoct authentic Greek delicacies that are sure to charm you for a lifetime.

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These were our choices for the most beautiful islands in Greece starting with Santorini Island Greece. We are sure you are going to add many more to the list!

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