6 Majestic Places to Explore in Malaysia

Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia and is mainly famous for its amazingly beautiful beaches, dense rainforests and a mix of cultural bonding between Chinese, India, Malay, and Europe. Malaysia also is rich in cuisines that bring in the most crowds. You can get a glimpse of everything in this beautiful post on Malaysia travel tips along with other venues that you can’t miss out on. Let’s have a look at some of the best places to visit on your Malaysia trip:

Kuala Lumpur:

This is the very first destination where you will land before you go out for the tour of Malaysia. Being the capital city of Malaysia, how can you not travel and explore this city which is so rich in cultural heritages and other natural landscapes. Started as a mining town, but now is one of the most visited places on earth. It is comprised of skyscrapers, shopping malls, and a variety of cuisines which make the city so famous and crowded throughout the year.


Langkawi Island is the main island among the other 99 islands that are situated in Malaysia. This place consists of beautiful beaches with fine sand and crystal clear water. It also has a dense mangrove forest swamp. There are tropical forests that are home to a variety of flora and fauna. You will feel tranquillity in this particular place.

Cameron Highlands:

The famous Cameron Highland was named after the British surveyor, William Cameron. This known hilly area is situated 1500 meters above sea level and has tea plantation throughout the vast landscapes. There are trekking trails in between the tea plantations some of which lead to volcanoes. The CameronHighlands will provide you with picturesque scenic beauty along with forest, lakes, rainforest, and various outdoor recreation activities


Selangor is a busy place and is Malaysia’s most developed and populated place. You May visit the National Zoo of Malaysia and various indoor and outdoor theme parks that are present here in Selangor. You can also find a Formula One racing track which is an awesome experience.

Taman Negara:

If translated in the Malayan language then Taman Negara means ‘national park’.In actual Taman Negara is the oldest national park situated in Malaysia and has one of the ancient tropical rainforest growing each day. You may go for a trek and camping, and there are other activities including bird watching, fishing, river rafting, etc. It is also home to elephants and if lucky enough you might be face to face with one of them.

Malaysian Borneo:

A lover of the wild and for the calm and serene atmosphere will find this Place the most suitable. Malaysian Borneo has situated just a small distance from Malaysia and can be reached by flight. The dense forest is abundant with greenery and various wildlife.

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