6 Best places to visit in Alaska

Alaska is home to the vast endless wild as well as advanced little towns. Tourists are amazed by the wide range of beauty and wonder tucked inside this unique state. For its extreme climate pattern, Alaska tourist places can be divided broadly into two categories, summer destinations and winter destinations. However, discover these beautiful places to visit in Alaska and make your trip a memory to cherish forever.

1. Mendenhall Glacier:

This is what people picture Alaska as. This glacier slopes down from the Juneau Ice field and touches the shore of one tiny lake. The best time to visit this icy heaven is between May to October when the sun shines bright. However, winter and monsoon are equally interesting, as the glacier takes on a different blue. The visitors can reach this place by road and experience various sports like kayaking and rafting. Wildlife includes black bears, beavers, porcupines and so on.

2. Seward:

This is one of the most serene towns of Alaska as well as the United States. The beauty of this small town starts even before you reach here. The magical charm of the Seward Highway takes you from Anchorage through the unparalleled natural splendour of Alaska landscape for as long as one hundred and twenty-seven miles before entering the town. From the town, visitors can explore Kenai Peninsula, Exit Glacier and Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. Besides the road to Seward, the town has some cultural attractions like the Alaska Sealife Centre.

3. Iditarod National Historic Trail:

Alaska‚Äôs one and only National Scenic Trail, this one runs from Nome to Seward. Originally used by the gold procurers, and hunters, this trail is now only famous for the Sled Dog Race of the Iditarod Trail. Among the places to visit in Alaska, this place claims a special mention because of its undaunted natural beauty and its historical charm. Especially a winter destination for the Sled race and skiing, the summer season is also filled with tourist buzz.

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4. Alaska Highway:

Driving is really a tough sport on this Alaska Highway, as the winding road, yellow blossoms at the sides of the road, the blue sky and the ice-capped mountain range in the background cast a heavy intoxication on you. This extremely beautiful highway was built in less than eight months for purely military purposes during the Great War. Running between Dawson Creek, Canada to Delta Junction, Alaska, this highway is now frequented for necessary and recreational communication.

5. Tracy Arm Fjord:

This fjord is set in the southern side of the state capital and it is one of the popular Alaska tourist places. The surrounding is purely natural with water dripping down the rock walls, the serene background of the Sawyer Glaciers at the head of the fjord. There are cruise and boating arrangements in the lake that offer you an unobstructed view of the scenic beauty of nature. This total setting is located in the Tongass National Forest. Wildlife sighting is a matter of luck, whether it is a whale in the water or a bear of the grass.

6. Denali National Park:

Denali or Mount McKinley, the 20,320 feet high peak is set in the third Largest of the National Park of the United States. There is a single road that encompasses the entire wild spread over almost six million acres and bifurcated in many areas such as tundra, river valleys, glacier-topped mountains and alpine ranges. The area is home to many animals like grizzly bears, elk, rain deer and others. If you love dogs, there is a pack of elegant husky dogs in the Sled Dog Kennels.

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