5 Most Beautiful Places to visit in Kerala

Known wide and far as God’s Own Country, Kerala should be on anyone’s list if they are
visiting India. Flanked by the Arabian Sea on the west and the Indian Ocean on the
, Kerala has a tropical climate. This aspect makes it a favorable destination for
tourists all over the country. The amount of rainfall is also quite controlled in this
southern state, thus making it convenient for explorers. We have curated a list of
places to visit in Kerala that you could include in your bucket list!


This beauty of a hill station is perfect for a getaway from the humdrum of life. Take that
pleasure ride through the Lock-Hart road and click pictures for that perfect Instagram
post. The drive looks into the valley that is adorned with perfectly shaped tea
gardens. If you have more time to spare, we would suggest you travel to the Rajamala
wildlife park. The precariousness of the wildlife would be a great addition to the
spiritual experience you had at Lock-Hart Road! Keep exploring the places to visit in
Kerala and discover the hidden gems that this place is scattered with.


We bet that you first fell in love with Kerala when you glanced through the pictures of
backwaters and palm fronds. The overall verdurous ambiance is too tempting to ignore,
we agree. Your wait to be among the places you loved in the pictures is over. Alleppey is
the place you were looking for. For lodgings, select from a wide range of luxury resorts
and enjoy relaxing massages in the afternoon. Witness the famous boat racing on the
backwaters, and go for a cruise. On the quiet evenings, a walk down the tranquil villages
is a popular choice among couples. Temples like Mannarshala and Ambalapuzha are
certainly among the places to visit in Kerala.


Any trip to Kerala is incomplete without a visit to the capital city. The majestic palaces
of the Thirunal Dynasty are sure to entice you into the bewitching history of the royal
family. To soak in all that you learn from your guide, you can settle down on the beach
on the evenings. Contemplate with your loved one the precarious fate of the kings and
traders who shaped the land around here. Meenmutty Falls and Peppara Wildlife
Sanctuary are the places to visit in Kerala when you are in Thiruvananthapuram. Like
Alleppey, you can also witness the trademark boat racing here.


The Vembanad Lake is the cynosure in Kumarakom. With the water assuming the
greenery of the surroundings, the landscape is quite dreamy. Perhaps this is the reason
why tourists prefer to laze around this place rather than going on a frantic exploration.
You can also place this location towards the end of your journey when you are in a
mood to rest. You can accompany your partner on a houseboat trip around the lake. In
short, this place is idyllic enough to make memories, and rightfully among the places to
visit in Kerala.


Wayanad has a particularly undulating structure, with its height taking a sharp plunge
from 2100 to 700 meters above sea level. To some extent, it is due to this that the nature
in Wayanad is particularly less encroached into. However, developmental projects from
private enterprises have ensured that there are enough resorts in and around Wayanad.
So do not hesitate to visit this awesome place for the apprehension of not finding a
resting place. The forests in Wayanad are thousands of years old. We recommend taking
a ride to Kanthapara Falls during your stay at Wayanad and appreciating the beauty of
the place.

So, these are our picks from the diverse beauty that Kerala has to offer. We have left out
popular tourist spots like Kovalam, but we wanted serenity rather than clamor. You
can go to these places if you want to visit the state at your own pace. Try not to let
the sheer compulsion to tick off bucket lists motivate you. We believe in traveling and not
tourism, and we hope Kerala will have molded a part of your soul by the time you
return home!

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