5 Best GPS Navigation Apps for Travelers

The possibility to visit new and exotic places is one of the most appealing aspects of travelling. However, there comes a moment where exploration becomes lost, but nobody wants to be lost in an unfamiliar environment. You don’t have to be, thankfully, because of technological advancements. To go overseas, we no longer need to overcome language difficulties or comprehend bad directions. In practically every location on the earth, you can guide yourself using a mobile device preloaded with a data SIM card (e.g., on a Lifetime or GoFi plan), a reliable WiFi hotspot, and a navigation app. Some navigation apps, on the other hand, are better for international travelers than others.

You won’t be worried about missing on your next vacation abroad if you install one of these navigation apps to your phone or tablet:

1.   Google maps

No doubt, Google Maps is the one of the best and widely used navigation app in the world. Because it has a bit of everything, Google Maps is the best navigation tool to have on your smartphone and even many smart devices have it already installed.

One of the best aspects for international travelers is that it provides multiple transit routes and public transportation options in addition to road directions . Whether you’re commuting by bus, vehicle, bicycle, or on your own two feet, Google can assist you with the shortest and convenient route. The following are some of the other qualities that make it indispensable for foreign travelers:

Local Restaurants, Stores, Travel Destinations, and More: You may search for eateries, shops, travel attractions, and more. You can investigate and read reviews right from the app because it’s linked to Google Search.

Maps on the Inside: An indoor map is available for buildings that are large and difficult to navigate, such as museums, airports, and stadiums.

Popularity: Google Maps is among the most extensively used navigation tools in the world, with some of the best coverage.

Note: Google Maps is a free app that works offline and is accessible on Android and iOS smartphones.

2.   2GIS

2GIS is has a complete directory of city map navigator and all public transport routes. To resolve the most common issue of travelers that is access to internet in remote places, no worries 2GIS works offline, you can just download the city database and use it offline or on subway or in the forest or a plane.

Its huge database has 3D maps of over 180+ countries and contacts of more than 1.5 Million companies, public transport, car routings etc.

This App can work offline in the following countries.

When you install, just select the city you need to download the data and you are good to go.

3.   Waze

Waze, which was acquired by Google in 2013, offers several real-time features that make it one of the most useful apps to have on your phone when you’re on the go. It blends GPS navigation with social sharing to provide the most current traffic and travel information. Essentially, it is a navigation tool that is powered by remarkable crowdsourcing. While making trip to camping and hiking, don’t forget to use Aventuron Coupon Code for essentials

You’ll want to bring Waze with you if you’re embarking on an overseas road trip. It’s like a more fashionable variant of many other navigation apps, because it uses GPS technology as well as the community of drivers and travelers. These are the characteristics that make it a must-pack item:

Waze’s real-time updates and notifications: The app are generally faster than some other apps because it is community-driven. From low gas prices and closed roads to police and traffic accidents, drivers share information.

Sync with Facebook and Calendar: You may share your ETA with friends and schedule your journey time around other activities and vacations on your calendar.

Note: The biggest disadvantage of Waze is that it is only effective for car travel. Before your next journey, you can get Waze for free on Android or iOS.

4.   Sygic

The TomTom-powered Sygic navigation and GPS app includes detailed 3D and 2D maps of practically every continent on the planet.

These are some of the features that distinguish it from other navigation apps available:

Parking insights: Finding parking in a foreign country, particularly by automobile, is one of the most difficult aspects of going there. Then there’s the matter of determining prices and availability. By offering parking information including over 40 million lots, Sygic takes the guesswork out of it.

Smart Devices and Wearables: Sygic navigation is compatible with smart devices and wearables, so if you’re a techie or simply enjoy wearing wearable gadgets like the Apple Watch, Sygic navigation is for you.

Consider out the navigation app Komoot if your travels take you off the usual route and into the countryside. Although the software was created in Germany, it provides navigation, maps, and routes for hiking and bicycling in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and other locations. Komoot is a must-have for international visitors who plan on backpacking or exploring the great outdoors. Here are some of the reasons for this:

5. Komoot

Offline options and topographic maps: Because Komoot is made for hikers and bikers, topographic maps are quite useful for planning your journey.

Voice navigation with turn-by-turn directions: You don’t want to be gazing at your phone the entire time if you’re going to explore the outdoors. Hands-free voice navigation is available with Komoot.

Smart Tour Guide: Komoot assists you in planning your walk by providing personalized tour recommendations as well as information on hiking complexity and elevation. It also connects with social features, allowing you to track and share your trips with other explorers, friends, and family.

Note: Komoot is a free software that includes in-app purchases for navigation in specific areas. It’s available now on Google Play and Apple iTunes.

So as we know, the way we traverse the world has forever altered as a result of internet connectivity and smart mobile devices. Although some navigation apps include offline map alternatives, you’ll need to download and prepare them ahead of time. One last thing I would like to share with you. RedeemOnSports is a platform where you can easily find travel essentials for your next remarkable tour.

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