10 lesser known Places to visit in China

It is not a new fact that there are a lot of amazing places to visit in China. However, many times, certain places get lost in the crowd of popular tourist destinations of China. Here is a list of unique places in China that also happens to be quite lesser-known but completely worth the visit.


Luoyang happened to be a major Chinese capital where different dynasties had built their capitals. This place happens to be a hub of the culture and history of China but is not rated often due to its not being that famous. Visiting Luoyang would give one the chance to encounter giant cravings dating back to almost 500 AD, historic scenery, and caves.

Longji near Guilin:

The ethnic villages of Longji happen to be one of the best places to visit in China. To enjoy Longji, one has to walk some distance to get out of the crowds and step in real beauty. To know the actual beauty of Longji, one needs to visit Dazhai or the Big Mountain-Village area.


The main reason that a lot of tourists miss out on Jiuzhaigou is that it takes almost 9 hours to drive there from Chengdu and rides on the bus take even longer. Tourists may also face altitude sickness because of the high altitude of 3000 meters. However, if one braves all these things then the visit will be worth it. The beautiful valleys and cozy guesthouses for staying would give one warm memory for life.


Shangri or the Chinese Alps would enchant one who is in love with sceneries of the mountains, hiking, forests, and the ethnic culture of Tibet. However, many find it difficult to visit because of its high altitude and remote location. 


Another amazing and underrated places to visit in China is Deqin. It offers beautiful views of the mountains and is surrounded by wilderness. One can enjoy hiking paths on high mountains, hot springs, and getaway cabins here.

Shaxi near Dali:

Since the time of the empire of Nanzhao, Shaxi was a market town on Tea Horse Road. It is a less popular location in China but offers mesmerizing ancient sites, scenic hiking spots, and ethnic backdrops. 

The Dongchuan Red Lands:

Dongchuan Red Lands is becoming a favorite among backpackers and photographers. It is not very popular mainly because of its remote location. The most striking part about this place is the red lands, which extend over almost 30 miles.

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The Zhangye Rainbow Mountain:

The Zhangye Rainbow Mountain offers spectacular views. It is probably one of the best destinations in China and is slowly becoming famous among tourists. It is even more beautiful than the Painted Desert near Grand Canyon, which it resembles. 


Visiting Turpan would give one the chance to witness the colorful culture, historical sites, and grand sceneries. 


Despite not being remote Guangzhou is mainly unpopular because of its reputation of being an old factory city. However, it is now completely modernized, renovated, and beautiful. A trip there would give the one experience of a lifetime.

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