10 Best Travel Hacks every traveller should know

Travel nerds plan regular international and domestic tours across the world each year. If you are one, you must be looking for a new travel hack and the best places to visit especially now that most countries are lifting the travel ban.

In the past few months, lockdown and quarantine slogans have been trending. To the travel geeks, life has been unbearable and they can’t wait to tour around the world. In the meantime, we will cover a list of great travel hacks to enable you to have a pleasant and hassle-free trip without breaking your bank account.


Folding your clothes will take more space. However, you can roll them to look like a little tube. This not only creates more space, but you will save your clothes from wrinkles.

2. Carry an empty water bottle to the airport

Instead of buying water at the airport, you can as well carry an empty bottle. Note that containers with liquids are not allowed. After passing through security, you can refill your bottle. That way, you avoid spending money on water.

3. Carry quality masks and sanitizers

The world is still not out of the Corona Virus danger. So, even if the travel ban has been lifted in your country and destination, you need to carry essential protection gears such as alcohol-based sanitiser and quality masks. Most important remember to keep social distance throughout the trip.


4. Switch to ‘Private Browsing’ after booking flights

 In most cases, travel and airline sites record traveler’s visits by installing cookies on their browsers. As a result, the flight prices may hike since you’ll have viewed the flights before. This strategy is used to lure travelers into paying for the flights sooner. However, you can avoid such scenarios by turning on ‘Private Browsing’ when booking flights.

5. Use the Hostelworld mobile app to book accommodation.

With the Hostelworld mobile app, you can book accommodation at a fair rate. You will get full details on each property to ensure that you find a room that matches your budget. However, that does not mean that you have to settle for accommodation spots that do not match your style and taste. The app comes with an in-build map to enable you to settle for an ideal accommodation spot.

6. Protect your razors with a binder clip

Razors can mess up your trip. For instance, when traveling, you might be tempted to search for an item inside the bag. If your blades are not protected, you might end up sustaining injuries. The bleeding that follows will mess with everything in your bag and seat. Protecting your razors will save you all this stress.

7. Identify your luggage as ‘fragile’

If your bag is identified as fragile, it will be handled with care. Furthermore, the luggage will be kept on top of other travellers’ bags in the plane storage section. This means that you will get your luggage before others.

8. To get local currency, use cash machines or ATMs

If you are planning a trip to another country, you will need local currency. Instead of wasting precious time with money converters, you should use ATMs machines. Money converters tend to charge inflated exchange rates.

9. Only pack what is necessary

Going for a holiday is different from relocation. So, don’t pack everything. You will only be away for a short while. To save time, you should only pack what’s necessary.

10. Get yourself a personal tour guide

Finding a professional tour guide is expensive. Also, you could be longing for a day out alone. In that case, use your phone to download and install Google Lens. That way, you can capture some captivating photos during the adventure. Immediately you capture a popular monument, your phone will provide you with striking information about the place. Even without a physical tour guide, you can gather essential information about the local culture, history, and customs.

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