10 Best Places to Visit in USA

With so many places to travel around the globe, the USA continues to be one of the favorites with travelers. However, USA offers so much to explore that tourists often get confused regarding places that Americans can travel to. To make it easier for them, here are the top travel destinations of USA that would help a traveler to make the best out of the trip to this beautiful country.

New York:

New York is undoubtedly one of the top places to visit in the USA for various reasons. Walking through the streets of New York will give a traveler the feeling of walking through the sets of their favorite films because of all the famous sites present at every turn of the road.

San Francisco:

The next one that comes as one of the major places to visit in the USA is the picturesque city of San Francisco. A trip to this city will give you chances to cruise on the San Francisco Bay or driving over the Golden Gate Bridge or simply hiring a streetcar to roam around.

The Grand Canyon:

It goes without saying that a trip to the US is incomplete without visiting the Grand Canyon. Viewing over the walls of the canyon into the endless horizon at the front and a bottomless depth underneath is something that no one can forget once experienced. Visiting the Grand Canyon will also give you a chance to enjoy trek America.


Families going on a vacation in the USA find Houston especially enjoyable and so do couples or groups of friends. One can take a tour of the Houston Museum District and spend their evenings at luxury hotels with delicious meals.

Las Vegas:

The name Las Vegas is enough to attract tourists. The city with all its glamour and glitz appeals to the visitors in a unique way and one can enjoy themselves to the fullest in this city.


Beach-loving people cannot afford to miss Waikiki as it is one of the top beaches of America. The beautiful golden sand beach offers the perfect holiday to be spent here with friends or family. Here, one can indulge in surfing as well.

Washington, D.C.:

 One should definitely not miss the capital city when visiting the USA. Washington, D.C. holds some of the most important national treasures and sites like the White House, The Smithsonian museums along the Capitol Building.


Miami, with its wonderful atmosphere and ambiance, offers something that all the beaches of Florida cannot. It is one of the most popular places to visit in the USA and offers the visitors a unique experience of enjoying the beach.

Los Angeles:

Los Angeles happens to be the epicenter of the cultural richness that Southern California holds. It is a city associated with glamour and a trip here would definitely be unforgettable.

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los Angeles buildings shadow in water

New Orleans:

New Orleans, with its cultural mixture and influences of Spain and France, offers an experience that is more Caribbean than American. One can enjoy the French Quarter along with jazz and Creole and Cajun cuisine.

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