10 Best Places to Visit in Mexico

The land of cowboys, Mexico, has always been a popular tourist destination for Northern Americans. But, now, it has cast its wonderful charm over the pacific and has been attracting thousands of tourists from Europe and all over the world. it has become a unique place for its natural beauty, long coastline, and, of course, its rich cultural history. Mexico has a ton of magnificent places that would mesmerize you. However, these ten best places to visit on your first trip.

Copper Canyon

This stunning natural wonder is located in one of the extremely northern states of Mexico, Chihuahua. It is a group of deep natural canyons, formed by the whims of nature and six rivers, and it takes its name from the distinctive copper green hue of the surrounding canyon’s dangerously steep slopes. The place is easily accessible by beautiful rail trip along the Ferrocarril Chihuahua al Pacifico. If you want to have some extra fun with adventurous sports, you can go on horseback or rent a bike to explore.

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Cancun and the Mayan Riviera:

If sleepy beach houses, ancient ruins, and exotic sea cuisine are your jam, this is your place. The town of Tulum and its ancient ruins has made itself synonymous with Mayan Riviera. There are culturally themed parks, where tourists can run around and have quite an adventure. The attractive coastline includes the resorts of Cancun, the island of Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, and so on. The turquoise water, the wide fun beaches, and adventurous bits to do bring some 5 to 6million visitors here every year.

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Chichen Itza

This is one of the sites that appeal to the historic in you and tantalizes your love of the ancient heritage of Mexico. This historic site, the capital of the Mayan people, is one of the best restored archaeological sites in Mexico. One of the major highlights of this UNESCO site is the Pyramid of Kukulkan or El Castillo, a thirty-meter-high structure. Another unique point of the site is the unique observatory of the Caracol, which holds high the scientific advancements of the Mayan


For an entirely different and memorable experience, you must visit the towns of Guanajuato. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this ancient town demands you to explore its beauty on foot. The winding old alleys, narrow lanes, a colonial edifice, historic monuments, night illumination, and the old smell of an old city make you wonder and wander. One of the best cities to visit in Mexico, this one has the splendid San Diego church, the Theatre of Juarez, and so on. The main square of Guanajuato is Jardin de la Union, with its olden architecture stands in the middle of the place along with several majestic plazas around the city. As a cultural head of Mexico, this city hosts the most famous writers’ International Cervantino Festival. However, the most amazing highlight of the city is the underground subterranean streets, once carried rivers, now used for cars and other transport. 

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Among the islands to visit in Mexico, this one is the most enchanting with its ancient cultural heritage and wide range of sea life. This is simply the divers’ heaven. If you want to have a serious diving experience, you can visit the southwest corner of the island, the Palancar Reef. An exhilarating dive into the depths of almost eighty meters will make this Mexican getaway a lifelong memory. And if you are not into serious water sports you can still enjoy the blue waters of the sea just by grabbing a snorkelling mask and a pair of flippers. Another relatively new adventure can be a part of your trip in the watery depths of the islands. You can dive and waddle through some man-made landmarks, such as structures and statues and meet the neighbouring water lives over the beautiful coral reefs.

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Perfectly conserving the mix of native and colonial influences, this city is famous for its broad streets, European-styled parks, and picturesque old buildings. The four beautiful plazas form the city centre in the shape of a cross. It is a pleasure to explore Guadalajara on foot and experience the antique fragrance of the city.

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The city of Oaxaca is the safest city to visit in Mexico. The crime rate is extremely low here. This is why female solo travellers feel safe visiting here. The city has succeeded to keep the native touch of Mexico intact. Free from the modern development of the other populated cities of the country, this city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

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Riviera Nayarit

If you have not enjoyed a walk along the coasts of Riviera Nayarit and watched the beautiful sunrise, your Mexico trip cannot be complete. Dotted with sleepy and luxurious boutique hotels, this coast is a stretch north of Puerto Vallarta. A blend of jungle walks, sea beach comfort of the spa, and the healing nature of yoga retreats, this place is a heaven if you are a nature lover.

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Puerto Vallarta

This coastal tourist spot is as attractive for elders, who want to sit back on the sand as it is to the young population, who would love to do some parasailing. Vallarta beach is also famous for the splendid arts and craft shops along the beach and also around the city. 

Mexico City

Among the cities to visit in Mexico, this capital city is a must-visit. This city has an amazing location with two snow-capped volcanoes towering over it. This city has a unique blend of history, culture, and ethnicity, where you can visit pre-Columbian art in the museums, and listen to mariachi music even while walking aimlessly on the road. This vibrant city can also be savoured on foot. 

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Apart from these chosen places, Mexico is full of magnificent tourist attractions. If you live to travel, Mexico should be on the top of your to-go list. And these places will make your visit worth it.

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