10 Best places to visit in Canada

Canada with its high-end streets of cosmopolitan cities on one hand and picturesque mountain peaks on another is a textbook tourists’ paradise. Canada tourist spots are of varied range in terms of affordability, availability, connectivity and other different aspects. In terms of geographical location and scenic beauty too, Canada never disappoints you, whatever your preference may be. However, Canada is full of top-notch places that would keep you hooked forever. Here are the top ten of the most attractive Canada famous places that you can include in your itinerary the next time you visit Canada.


This is a quiet mountain hamlet in Alberta that is almost a page out of a calendar. Nestled amidst the Canadian Rockies hills, this town has a closeness with natural beauty, exciting activities for adventure seekers and also the Banff National Park for taking a stroll. Banff has nice hotels for pleasure seekers and also campgrounds for those who want to rough it up. This is a place where you can find your inner self while skiing down the Norquay Mount or biking along the wonderful Healy Creek. However, once you visit Banff, you should take some time and take a hike to the limestone pillars of the Hoodoos. Banff has so many cosy retreats where you can forget the exhaustion of your adventure-filled day with mouth-watering bison meat.

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Niagara fall:

To visit Canada is almost synonymous with visiting this iconic waterfall, The Niagara fall, that does not only beckon to your nature-loving side but also the adventurer inside you. One of the best of Canada tourist spots, this Ontario attraction gives you so many views of it for you to soak it inside of you. You can take a helicopter and relish the bird’s eye view of the cascade. You can walk along the falls and feel the water drizzle on your face. Apart from the fall itself, you can take a short walk to the Niagara Glen Nature Centre, and find some luring walking trails along the falls. You will come off as a new person once you have been to this jaw-dropping mammoth waterfall.

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This massive Ontario city gives a full view of its entirety from the observation decks of the CN tower. This cosmopolitan city is dotted with huge modern buildings in the downtown which has full of culturally diverse people all over it. Every nook and corner of Toronto is within reach due to the best transportation of the city. One of the beautiful cities in Canada, Toronto is a cocktail of places with its Little Italy, Greektown, Koreatown. This amazing city is the home of the biggest underground mall, the Path.

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Beautiful cities in Canada do not abound but are only three in number. Montreal is one of them. This city snatches minds for its abundance of juxtaposition visible throughout it. You can find skyscrapers as well as old Montreal quaint edifice. Your ears will get a treat of English music as well as a foreign French buzz. From funky restaurants in the old houses to multifaceted museums, this city is home to so many other activities. Montreal Botanical Garden is a must-visit place if you are planning to visit during the summer.

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 if you love outdoor and a city scene, Vancouver is the right place for you. It has earned its nickname of “Hollywood North” because of its high-end boutique showrooms, chic air around the place and people and healthy eateries. Surrounded by both the mountain and the beaches, this mitten-shaped city offers skiing, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking opportunities to young tourists. But if you do not love to raise your adrenalin level on a vacation, you can sit through a serene sunset on the beach that stretches up to 11 miles. During winter vacation, you can visit any of the museums to get some warmth and cultural amusement. The Capilano suspension bridge is perhaps the most amazing thing to visit here.

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Prince Edward Island: 

Far from the restless city life, this island is one of the top Canada tourist spots for its serenity and the best scenic beauty it offers. The bounty of nature has decorated this island with rolling hills of green, sandstone with its red hue, swaying violet flowers and blue water around it. This extravagance of colour does not take all attention from the wonderful range of seafood this place offers.

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This is a British Columbian resort town that lets the tourists indulge in adventure activities like bungee jumping, snowboarding, bobsled rides, skiing and so many things. If you are not an adrenalin junkie, you can take resort to the après-ski scene from the Whistler village and take a sip of the local brandy. During summertime, visit the huge waterfall in the Brandywine Falls Provincial Park.

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Okanagan Valley:

 Canada famous places definitely should include this place for the vast vineyards, and over two hundred wineries. This place houses almost 84% of the total vineyard of the province. The scenic beauty over the yards is worth spending days in this valley. If you want to mix wine tasting with outside experience, you can visit the Naramata bench and go kayaking and biking in the mountain and taste world-class wine while the sun drops.

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Gros Morne National Park:

 hiking through the tablelands of this UNESCO World Heritage Site gives you a different thrill. The exposed mantle of the earth and the rust landscape makes a lasting impression on your tourist mind. Also, go for a boat ride in the Brook pond that drops your jaw with a 2,000 feet cascade.

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Nestled in the Laurentian Mountain in Quebec, this peak is best enjoyed for the skiing sport here. However, if you visit a summer Mont-Tremblant, visit the National Park, house of four hundred lakes and six rivers. Visitors can spend time skiing, hiking, fishing because of its diverse geographical features. Walking through the greens along the trails of the park would be one of your best Canada memories.

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These were the best ten places to visit at least once in your life while travelling to Canada.

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